Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Robin Ticciati at San Francisco Symphony

Photo of Davies Symphony Hall, a two-story building on a street corner. The corner facade of the building is curved. Above the ground floor are two glass-walled floors. Those floors are lit up. The sky beyond is blue.

Davies Symphony Hall
Photo by Lisa Hirsch

Quite a difference of opinion between myself and Joshua Kosman as to last week's SFS program of Jörg Widmann's (first) violin concerto and Mahler's fourth symphony:
A couple of comments:
  • Joshua Kosman knows the Widmann better than I do, although my preparation did include listening to the Tetzlaff recordings a couple of times with the score.
  • My companion and I were both mesmerized by the piece, which came across well.
  • I heard a couple of very bad Mahler performances last year (Dudamel, Shani) and heard nothing like that in Ticciati's Mahler. 



Matthew said...

I have to agree with Kosman here. I found Ticciati's tempos were all over the place in the Mahler. More importantly, Ying Fang was absolutely stunning as the soprano soloist.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Yes, she was. Most beautiful soprano voice that I've heard in a long time.