Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Shame, the Shame

The Brandeis Justice, for which I once wrote reviews, issues a correction:

An article in Arts incorrectly identified the opera Madame Butterfly as a spin-off of the musical Miss Saigon. Miss Saigon is actually a spin-off of Madame Butterfly. (Apr. 13, p. 19)


Joe Barron said...

And not even a spin-off, so they're doubly wrong. A spin-off is something like a TV show that takes a supporting character and builds a new show around them---an offspring. MS is based on Madame Butterfly. Maybe "rip-off" would be the more accurate term.

calimac said...

And Peter Jackson totally ripped off Star Wars.

Joe Barron said...

Which was itself a rip-off of Flash Gordon.