Friday, April 23, 2010


Well, that didn't quite work out as intended.

Had dinner at work.
Drove to Menlo Park.
Tooled around St. Patrick's Seminary for 20 minutes unsure of where exactly it was legal to park (around that big oval right in front of the main building? probably. spaces marked "reserved for Dr. X"? probably not.)
Realized I was dog tired.
Headed home.


calimac said...

So add that to "making it easy to buy tickets online" and "keeping your website updated" to things that performing arts organizations should do but often don't: Post signs showing where to park.

Driving to Kohl Mansion for the first time, in the dark, is for instance a notably confusing experience ("Am I supposed to turn here? Is this an entrance? Whut? Where?"), even though parking is plentiful.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Heheh, yeah, although I think it's the venue's or presenting organization's responsibility rather than the performing organization.

calimac said...

And it's the ticket sales organization's responsibility to make sure the ticket links work properly. But it's the arts organization's responsibility to make sure that the other responsibilities are taken care of.