Monday, April 26, 2010

Goerne OUT, Johnson In at SFS

Matthias Goerne is ill and has withdrawn from this week's performances of Alexander Zemlinsky's Lyric Symphony at San Francisco Symphony. Dammit.

He's being replaced by the excellent James Johnson, who has been singing in Die Gezeichneten in Los Angeles for the last few weeks.


sfmike said...

Double dammit.

And most overrated composer? Beethoven, definitely, though I agree with Daniel Wolf that Wagner is way up there in the competition.

Henry Holland said...

He'll do a good job and I'm sure he'll be happy not to have to deal with that severely raked stage.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Beethoven?! Um, wow. :)

Henry Holland said...

I'd say the symphonies, the string quartets and the piano sonata's as a whole insulate Ludwig van against the "overrated" charge. Sure, his music is overplayed, but that's not his fault.