Friday, May 06, 2011

More on the BSO

  • Matthew Guerrieri does the numbers on next year's repertory. The winner: that rarely-played master, Beethoven!
  • Jeremy Eichler reports broadly on the season; Mark Volpe divulges that the search committee to replace James Levine has not even met. Indeed, it sounds as though next season was planned on the assumption that Levine would still be music director. There must have been plenty of scrambling to deal with that.


Joe Barron said...

Do you know the Philadelphia Orchestra has never played Ives's Fourth Symphony?

Joe Barron said...

I, for one, am happy to see that he's finally listening to reason. He needs to take care of himself. It's like a pitcher on the DL. You can't come back to the mound until you're fully recovered.

As for the BSO search, I'm not too worried. It's better they don't rush into anything, and they'll have to rely on guest conductors anyway until someone a) is found and b) can take on the commitment. Neither of those things will happen anytime soon, even if the committee does meet right away. They're in for a long interregnum of the sort we're getting used to in Philadelphia.

Joe Barron said...

This second comment should have gone under "Levine cancels." Don't know how that happened. I get so confused with this Internet thing.

Lisa Hirsch said...


You can delete the comment from here, if you like, and put it on the other posting. Or I can do it - or you can leave it here. Whatever you want.