Saturday, May 07, 2011


At Davies tonight, for the Mahler Second -

  • Matias Tarnopolsky, Director of Cal Performances, seen near the ticket windows beforehand, chatting with a slender gent who turned out to be...
  • John (Coolidge) Adams, whom I also saw 1) while he was apparently looking for his seat shortly before the lights went down and 2) right after the concert ended. We were about two feet away from each other, and I did not manage to get out what I was thinking, which was "Nixon in China was incredible, congrats on your Met debut, can't wait to see it in SF."
  • Jeffrey Kahane, seen leaving a center seat around row M or N after all the cheering had stopped and the hall was mostly cleared. I wish I'd buttonholed him, and what I would have said was "We were talking over dinner about your crazy 2005 Music@Menlo program and remembering how great it was." (He'd played the Goldberg and Diabelli Variations on the same program; when he came out for the Q&A afterward, the first thing he said was "Well, I never have to do that again!" It was an amazing feat of musicianship, concentration, and endurance.) 


Anonymous said...

I'm going to be seeing Jeffrey Kahane this afternoon. He's playing Mozart and Schumann piano quartets at Menlo.

I saw recently a reference to a stage play about a musicologist who's obsessed with the question of why Beethoven would devote such effort to writing variations on Diabelli's dim little tune. I would think one listen to the work itself would answer that question.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Hahahah, yeah.

There are two pianists playing something plus the Diabelli Vars. in the 2011-12 season around here. I feel I must get tickets to both. (Neither is the great Stephen Kovacevich, alas.)

Joshua Kosman said...

Also, Judge Vaughn Walker of Prop. 8 fame. I wanted to shake his hand and congratulate him but it didn't seem appropriate in the circumstances.