Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Many "Songs" is Goetterdaemmerung?

Google announces cloud-based music storage:
Users can store 20,000 songs free, as opposed to Amazon’s service, which stores up to 1,000 songs without charge.


Brian said...

It's 1 very long song if you ask me. The verses are what get you into trouble.

rchrd said...

Trouble is, music streaming sites like Pandora take this literally. The concept of "song=CD track" seems ok for pop, jazz, ethnic music. But not for classical. Way back in the Vinyl Era (VE) someone decided to separate movements of symphonies, sonatas, quartets, etc with a short band of silence. In the digital era this was compounded by giving each movement a track. Then comes the digital rights legislation that dictates that streaming media cannot play two tracks from the same CD in the same hour.

So go to Pandora to hear the 3rd mvt of a Beethoven symphony followed by a Rossini overture.

This is brain dead. I've argued with the folks at Pandora about this. In fact, you might not ever hear an entire work of 4 movements, no matter how long you wait.

Totally annoying.

--Richard Friedman - Music from Other Minds - KALW 91.7 SF
-- http://otherminds.org/mfom

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, that is crazy! And thank you for the comments!

Henry Holland said...

On some opera recordings I have (the Nelson Benvenuto Cellini comes to mind) there's something like 100 cue points, they divide up every bit of recit and so on. It must be hell if someone uses shuffle without making a playlist first.

BTW Lisa, Santa Fe 2012 was announced: Tosca, Pearl Fishers, ArabellZZZZZZZZZZ, some Rossini thing and King Roger. Hmmmm....

Lisa Hirsch said...

Pearl Fishers is really bad.

The Rossini thing is Meometto II, which isn't done often. King Roger with William Burden and MARIUSZ KWIECIEN.