Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let's Clear Up Some Terminology Here

Found in KDFC's latest email to me:
KDFC’s DROID app has arrived.  If you have a DROID phone download the free Classical KDFC app and you can listen to KDFC anywhere.  You can look up music we play, and local events too.  i-Phone users, look for an update to the free KDFC i-Phone app in a few days.
Um. The Droid is a phone made by Motorola. I believe it comes in a couple of different flavors.

KDFC has an app made for one specific phone that's not the iPhone? Really?

I'm guessing that they have a new app for the Android cell phone operating system - but I'm not testing that guess on my Nexus S. Not that I could even if I wanted to....because there is no link to the location of this new app.

P. S. I've sent email to KDFC asking what exactly they mean.

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