Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inaccessible Email Redux

The current count of organizations who've sent me email with all information in graphical format:
  • An die Musik, NYC (has not responded to one email)
  • San Francisco Choral Society (has not responded to 2 emails  responded to my third email and is investigating)
  • Composers, Inc. (SF)
  • KeyedUp Music, NYC
A follow up to this posting, in which I discuss the fact that putting concert information in graphics rather than text makes the information impossible for screen readers to find and understand.


    Chanterelle said...

    At least these organizations provide e-mail addresses the public can write to. Opera de Paris does not, unless you want to 1) reserve a visit to the building, 2) order tickets for a group of ten or more, or 3) join the Friends organization. And the phone number carries a 0.34€/minute surcharge.

    Lisa Hirsch said...

    That is a good point - and I see that I need to rewrite my posting, because I was talking about whether email is accessible to people who are blind or have otherwise limited vision.

    Chanterelle said...

    Your original point was quite clear; I just wanted to underline (ok, vent) about a case where contact was made even more difficult.

    Paris in general is one of the least accessible places I've visited, though there are visual and auditory cues I've never seen in the U.S. No place is perfect, I guess.

    Lisa Hirsch said...

    Ah, whew, thanks.

    I haven't been to Paris in so long that I had no awareness of access for disabled people at all back then. :(