Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Falling Sky Follow-Up

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog posting that shredded some assertions made by the HuffPost blogger Ivan Katz. What do you know, I was right about a few things, wrong about one.

  • San Francisco Opera settled its union contracts amicably: no strike, no labor strife. I had anticipated a lot of bad things happening; happily, I was wrong.
  • The Met HD broadcasts made an $11 million profit last season. (I estimated the Met's income as a minimum of $18 million but did not attempt to say what percentage of that might be profit.)
  • The Met HD audience was around 3 million people for last season.
Three million people attending Met performances over and above the 800,000 at the house: yes, Virginia, there is an audience for opera out there, especially low-cost opera.

I'll take that I-told-you-so, yes, I will.

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