Saturday, October 29, 2011

Note to Self: Places to Visit Whenever I Return to London

  • St. Pancras Old Church, in the graveyard of which are buried Sir John Soane and Lady Soane, John Polidori, and Johann Christian Bach.
  • Liberal Jewish Cemetery in Willesden, where Conchita Supervia is buried. (I looked for her grave in Golders Green Cemetery and found that of Jacqueline DuPre instead.)


Torn said...

And what about London Eye? You HAVE to try it. The whole up-adn-down will take about 20-30 mins, but you will be able to see almost all London. You won't realize how huge London is without trying London Eye.

Alex Bring
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Lisa Hirsch said...

LOL, there are lots of ways to know how huge London is - from Hampstead Heath or from other vantage points besides the Eye....and I have, in fact, taken the ride on the Eye.