Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh, Really?

The Times obtained an advance copy of Condoleeza Rice's memoir, and I wanted to throw it against the wall without having read it. Take this bit from the Times article: 

In November 2001, she writes, she went to President George W. Bush upon learning that he had issued an order prepared by the White House counsel, Alberto R. Gonzales, authorizing military commissions without telling her. “If this happens again,” she told the president, “either Al Gonzales or I will have to resign.”
Mr. Bush apologized. She writes that it was not his fault and that she felt that Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Cheney’s staff had not served the president well.
Really? It's not the president's fault that he couldn't control his VP and his AG? That he let them undermine other members of his administration?
And then there's this:
For the most part, though, Ms. Rice defends the most controversial decisions of the Bush era, including the invasion of Iraq. The wave of popular uprisings known as the Arab Spring this year, she writes, has vindicated Mr. Bush’s focus on spreading freedom and democracy.

What crap. You don't "spread democracy" by invading other countries. The Arab Spring is exactly a wave of popular uprisings, not something forced on them by another country. I mean, tell me again about how much democracy we've succeeded in spreading to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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