Saturday, August 09, 2008

Adriana Mater Roundup

A number of reviewers and bloggers have weighed in on Kaija Saariaho and Amin Maalouf's Adriana Mater:


Henry Holland said...

From the Sarah Bryan Miller review:

I was only able to see the first half of "Radamisto," but that was enough. The story is wholly ridiculous, typical of Baroque opera; the score is an aria parade, also typically Baroque


Typical Anne Midgette: "It's good, but...."

Lisa Hirsch said...

The plot is silly but the music is utterly magnificent - one gorgeous piece after another, and a surprising number of duets and ensembles.

anzu said...

Hi, do you know if there will be a west coast (ideally Bay Area) production of this?

Lisa Hirsch said...

Not that I know of - I have not heard a single rumor about any other US productions of Adriana.