Sunday, August 31, 2008

If You Think There's Pandering Going On...

you're right:

Even Fox is asking the question. And here's McCain's answer:

WALLACE: But Senator, you talked about her years of experience. Ten of those years were as a city councilwoman and mayor of a town of 9,800 people. And in terms of foreign policy, in March of 2007, after - two months after the surge had started, she was asked about it, and she said, “I’ve been focused on state government. I haven’t focused on the war in Iraq.” Understandable for a governor; not understandable for a vice president.

MCCAIN: Well, by the way, also she was a member of the PTA. I think it’s wonderful. But the point is she’s been to Kuwait. She’s been over there. She’s been with her troops. The National Guard that she commands, who had been over there and had the experience. I’m proud of her knowledge of these challenges and issues.

About timing:

MCCAIN: And I’ve watched her record, and I’ve watched her for many, many years as she - as she implemented ethics and lobbying reforms.

WALLACE: Let me see if I’ve got the chronology straight… As I understand it, you met her for the first time at the governor’s conference in… February.


WALLACE: You talked to her on the phone last Sunday. And you met with her face to face - face to face for the first time to discuss the vice-presidential ticket Thursday morning, and then you offered her the job. Must have been a heck of a meeting.

MCCAIN: Well, the fact is, I’ve been watching her. I mean, look, what she’s been doing in Alaska - let’s have some straight talk - has affected the representation in Washington, D.C.


pjwv said...

"Also, she was a member of the PTA" -- my nominee for greatest line of the campaign, or possibly of the decade. Don't forget all that invaluable bake sale experience!

Lisa Hirsch said...

In contrast to Hillary Clinton, who wouldn't stay home and bake cookies.

pjwv said...

Yeah -- instead Clinton had the nerve to think America really needed national health care -- what a silly bitch!