Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Email to San Francisco Symphony (Continuing Ticket Purchase Fail)

Having been told that what I need to do is buy three or more seats using Compose You Own, and then my account will be a subscriber account and I'll get the subscriber discount using the single ticket system, I went and dropped $300 on seats to four concerts. Two of them are crappy seats that I will have to exchange, but them's the risks when you can't pick your own seat.

Then I went to the single-ticket system, which will now know that I'm a subscriber, to order the other 26 tickets I want. I have just sent the following email to a nice person in Patron Services:

I just purchased several tickets through the Compose-Your-Own area of the web site.

I'd now like to order some single tickets, starting with tomorrow's Mahler 3.

However, although I just charged $416, including a $100 donation, to my credit card, I'm still getting the same old message that my account does not qualify for the subscriber discount.

How long does this take to update? Overnight?

I'm hoping that the seat I have my eye on is still available tomorrow!

Thanks very much -


sfmike said...

Oh, dear. The Mahler Third was pretty great tonight, by the way.

Lisa Hirsch said...

This morning - and normally I'm not awake at 4:20 a.m. checking these things, but I had a nasty nightmare - the subscriber flag on my account is set. So it seems that SFS updates their database with overnight jobs, in batches, rather than in real time. That's not how I would design my customer database to work, to put it mildly.