Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ticketing Post-Script

The reason you never read about the hassles of buying tickets in the Chron, the Times, SFCV, etc., is that critics get comped tickets and don't need to go through this. I wish the big-league critics would occasionally put themselves through what non-ink-stained wretches go through so that they can see what it's like. It is amazingly unprofessional of SFS for their box office to provide patrons with wildly incorrect information about the ticket-ordering process, and in fact it's amazing that the online ticket purchasing process is so Baroque.

In these times, with so much competition for time and money, arts organizations should make it easy for patrons to give them money. But here I am, trying to buy tickets to 26 concerts, and I still haven't succeeded. I'm just about at the point of printing out seating charts for Davies and phoning the box office.

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