Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Farewell and Some Welcomes

San Francisco Symphony opens the 2011-12 Centennial Season with some changes to the roster.

John Van Winkle retired as Principle Librarian at the end of last season. For 2011-12, Margo Kieser assumes the post of Orchestra Librarian. (If you're unaware of this critical post - the orchestra simply could not function musically without its librarians - take a look at the blog From the Orchestra Library.)

In Sun Jang joins the first violins permanently after after a year as a substitute, and Jeff Biancalana is appointed third trumpet after a period as acting third trumpet. Congratulations to the new full-time members of the orchestra!

Stephanie Fong joins the violas for a year and Micah Wilkinson will be acting second trumpet for the coming season. Best of luck to them both!


Anonymous said...

So is a Principle Librarian one who refuses to work unless the season contains enough living composers?

Lisa Hirsch said...