Saturday, January 14, 2012

Extra! Extra!

The crazy and wonderful Janacek Sinfonietta takes 26 brass to play, quite a bit over the usual complement even for a Wagner opera. San Francisco Symphony kindly provided me with the following:
Horns – Robert Ward, Jonathan Ring, Bruce Roberts, Jessica Valeri, Doug Hull (assistant)

Trumpets –

On stage: Mark Inouye, Micah Wilkinson, Jeff Biancalana
On the terrace: Ron Blais, Michael Tiscione, Jeff Lewandowski, Justin Emerich, Scott Macomber, Brad Hogarth, Adam Luftman, David Burkhart, John Freeman

Some position detail for the terrace trumpets:
Balcony   1 Adam Luftman
               2 Mike Tiscione
               3 Jeff Lewandowski
               4 Justin Emerich
               5 Scott Macomber
               6 Brad Hogarth
               7 David Burkhart
               8 John Freeman
               9 Ron Blais
Bass Trumpet – Mark Lawrence, Timothy Owner
Trombone – Timothy Higgins, Paul Welcomer, Chris Hernacki, John Engelkes
Euphonium – Matt Tropman, Bruce Chrisp
Tuba – Jeffrey Anderson

Le Martyr de Saint Sebastien has some unusual orchestration too, like three harps and two keyboard players.

Harp: Douglas Rioth, SFS principal; Jieyin Wu and Karen Gottlieb
Keyboard: Robin Sutherland, SFS principal; Marc Shapiro
UPDATE: corrections to some player names, plus more detail about who was where in the trumpets.

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