Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Republican Primaries

It's a sorry sight, sorrier than usual, as the Republican candidates vie to move as far to right as possible in order to placate "the base." Mitt Romney, who signed a health care law as governor of MA that's a lot like the federal health care law, has to deny that the federal plan is any good; he also has to say how wrong he was to sign the MA marriage-equality bill. 'Nuff said; he is, of course, lying.

Here are a few tidbits about the Republicans. Even more than the Democrats, they're for the richest and most powerful, and far less interested in the other 99% of us:


Henry Holland said...

I've been voting since 1978. Here's a list of my options in the Presidential race (I'd never vote (R) in a quintillion years):


It's enough to make me weep:

a peanut farmer who was in WAY over his head;

a boring party lifer;

the worst candidate ever, from MA;

Slick Willy and his DOMA and DADT ways;

someone with the personality of drying paint, also from MA, who ran a hideous campaign against an incumbent who was beatable and

a center-right Republican running as a (D) who's only different from the (R)'s because he's not batshit crazy on social issues, not for any radical policy differences

And please, vote for the Libertarians? Hahahahahaha, as Morrissey once crooned "Oh very nice, very nice, but maybe in the next world, maybe in the next world". The Greens? Who?

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, the libertarians are out of the question. Lunatics, most of them.

The thing about the Democrats, they still put better people on the bench than the Republicans, and they do a much better job of at least pretending to care about the people who elected them. I'm okay with the lesser of two evils, because the greater of two evils is really bad.