Monday, February 06, 2012

LA Opera / LAPO

In advance of its season announcement, LA Opera is running a photo teaser series on its Facebook page.

The first photo is getting guesses as diverse as Parsifal, Rigoletto, and The Fly.

Meanwhile, LAPO has announced what looks like an incredible season. CKDH is all excited about the opening program, which will include a new work by Steven Stucky and Le sacre du printemps, but what I'm all excited about is a Lutoslawski centenary series conducted by one Esa-Pekka Salonen. More details after I study the announcement and season further.


CK Dexter Haven said...

Trust, me, Lisa: I'm very much w/ you on the Lutoslawski. I just hadn't gotten that far down the schedule when I originally posted.

1) Lindberg Chorale/Lutoslawski 4th/Bruckner 4th
2) Salonen Nyx/Schumann Piano Concerto/Lutoslawski/Strauss

There are only a few other conductors who'd have the cojones to do those two programs, and even fewer orchestras (SFS, SLSO, Montreal) that'd let them do it.

We are so lucky on the West Coast.

Did SFS answer your tweet about when they're announcing their season?

Lisa Hirsch said...

Ha, you posted too soon!

Yeah, those are crazy programs and we are lucky! I have to see when the Luto programs are scheduled for and make room on my calendar for them.

No answer from SFS yet. I almost tweeted "...and how do you plan to equal or top THIS season?" but I relented.