Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pour le Maitre

A press release about an upcoming performance by Pierre-Laurent Aimard contains this:
Pierre-Laurent Aimard’s upcoming appearances with the orchestras of Cleveland and Chicago were originally scheduled to be directed by Pierre Boulez. However, the conductor has been obliged to withdraw for medical reasons....
And the news eventually arrived that he'd also withdrawn from scheduled performances in Chicago. Best wishes to Maitre Boulez for a swift and complete recovery.

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Henry Holland said...

Oh no.....

He'll be 87 in March and though I've hoped he'll live forever just to spite the minimalists, alas.

It's going to be ugly when he does die, the musical wars of the 40's - 60's might be replayed all over again, I think.

Hahaha, my word to type is precursor, I like that.