Thursday, February 23, 2012

Singers I'd Like to See (or See Again) in SF

We've had any number of outstanding singers wander in for the run of something, then never appear again. Could we bring back, or see for the first time, some of the following?

  • Mariusz Kwiecien
  • Peter Mattei
  • Eva-Marie Westbroek
  • Anja Harteros
  • Christine Goerke
  • Christine Brewer
  • Stuart Skelton
  • Emily Magee
  • Emily Pulley
  • Jonas Kaufman
  • Klaus Florian Vogt
  • Torsten Kerl
  • Ewa Podles
  • Stefan Margita
  • Katarina Dalayman
  • Sophie Koch
  • Richard Paul Fink
  • Gerald Finley
Would have been nice if we could have gotten Ben Heppner here between 1996 and now.

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