Friday, March 08, 2013

SFS Labor Negotiations

Matier & Ross had an item about SFS's labor negotiations the other day (scroll down to find it). The musicians' contract expired some time ago; negotiations have been proceeding, but now there's some facing off, in the form of the Symphony's web site on the talks and the musicians' web site, where the relevant articles are called "Open the Books" and "Vote to Authorize a Strike."

Please keep in mind that a vote to authorize a strike doesn't mean the musicians are going on strike. There is a further day of negotiations scheduled for next week. SFS has a history of concluding negotiations peacefully since the 1997 strike. Most likely this will continue.

Update: I re-read the Matier & Ross item and noticed something I missed the first time: a reference to a half-billion dollar renovation of Davies. 1) I had no idea. 2) They should tear it down and start again, no, wait, start again, then tear it down. No, I have no idea where in the civic center area they'd find the real estate to put up a new symphony hall while continuing to play in the old one.

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