Friday, March 22, 2013

The Stupidest Responses So Far

The SFS strike isn't bringing out the best in everybody. In some cases, it's bringing out the worst:
  • Manuela Hoelterhoff, who might know better after years of covering the music business, writing a book or two, and winning a Pulitzer for criticism, instead publishes an insanely ignorant piece of crap. The comments quite rightly tear her to pieces.
  • Anthony Alfidi, who admits to knowing nothing about music, suggests firing all the striking SFS musicians, claims they're worth only $85,000/year, and says that any talented high school player could do what the SFS players do. This is all so stupid as to be deeply sad; thank goodness he admits to knowing nothing about music. He certainly demonstrates that. And hey, I bet that the orchestra doesn't take him up on his offer to play cymbals or triangle as a substitute percussionist. Hint: not as easy as he thinks it looks, especially if you don't read music.
Thanks of a sort to conductor & pianist Bill Eddins for the links. Read what he has to say, because unlike the two clowns above, he knows what he's talking about. And composer Mark Winges also sent me the Hoelterhoff link.


Michael Strickland said...

Ms. Hoelterhoff has always been something of a sharp-tongued twit who has been coasting on her dubious Pulitzer for years. Glad to see it more publicly confirmed. As for Alfidi, I guess I won't be taking his investment advice after that particular display of public idiocy.

Speaking of idiocy, the SF Symphony musicians' PR people, Lisa Cohen and ex-Gavin Newsom thug Nathan Ballard, strike me as serious disasters. The musicians can and should do better.

Dr.B said...

Some things are so stupid they might just as well be ignored. I nominate New Yorkers sneering for this category.

My memory of high school is that it took all semester to learn one concert. Try four days and see how you do. I'm always amazed at how much music the symphony plays at a world class level.

The board needs to be reminded that they exist for the sake of the musicians, and not the other way around.

David Bratman said...

After reading those extremely cutting comments, tougher than anything I could have said, I await Hoelterhoff sniffing that they got too personal and stalking off in a huff. Or is she too professional for that?

John Marcher said...

Mike- you mean to tell me they were actually paying people for this? Real people?

Lisa Hirsch said...

Yes - there are paid PR flaks for the orchestral musicians. They're not doing a very good job. I mean, I asked ten days ago to be put on the press mailing list, they said they'd ad me, they didn't.

Dr. B., yeah, a semester per concert.

David, I bet Hoelterhoff is above reading comments.