Thursday, March 05, 2015

How to Not Get My Business

I'm investigating postering services to get flyers posted for my jujitsu classes. My students and plastered various parts of Oakland and Berkeley with flyers in December, and frankly, it was exhausting and unsustainable: we probably put 10 or 12 hours into this total.

Here's the email explaining why one organization isn't getting my business:

Thank you for the quotation. I decline, for these reasons:

1. Your quotation is incomplete: it does not include the date by which you would post the flyers.

2. Your quotation assumes that I will give you an image to be copied and presumably includes copying costs. I have already copied the flyer, as my email above clearly states.

3. Your quotation is incorrect. I requested a quotation based on 100 flyers.

4. The cost is far over my budget. 

5. I completed your form on Saturday or Sunday and it took until today (four or five days) before you replied.

Thanks again.

-- Lisa

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