Saturday, March 07, 2015

Women in Classical Music: More Good Stuff


greg b said...

Dear Lisa,
Thanks for this post.
I am all in favor of the "Male Domination Of Classical Music" coming to an end, and the sooner the better.
But I can't be as sanguine about it as some of the writers that you kindly provided links to.
I look at it this way - what is the total percentage of women on this planet? I don't know exactly, but let's figure it's pretty close to 50%.
So until musical posts (and I'm talking ALL musical posts: Conductors, orchestra players, teachers at music schools, arts administrative staffs, etc. etc.) are filled 50% with women, and until season schedules of ALL classical music groups offer 50% compositions by women, I'm afraid the male domination will continue.
Heck, at this point I'd settle for 40%!

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, it is going to take a long time. I agree with you; they are too optimistic.