Friday, April 17, 2015


Nothing like slagging a popular recitalist/opera singer and a famous music festival to boost your page views for the week!

This week's minor obsession is Schubert's D. 343, "Litanei auf das Fest Aller Seelen" (Litany for the Feast of All Souls). After listening to a half-dozen or so performances, I'll own that Ian Bostridge is very good in this; the song's demand for a perfect line brings out the best in him, a kind of concentrated, hushed singing that suits the song well. (Text and translation are here; score is here.)

Consider, also, that Schubert was 19 when he wrote this one. Such is the nature of genius.


Georgeanne said...

I've always loved this piece. So beautiful.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Yes yes yes.