Thursday, January 07, 2016

Pierre Boulez Media Round-Up and Odd Ends

I'm still sad over the death of Pierre Boulez at 90. As Alex Ross said, he was the "last remaining titan of the post-war avant-garde." It's the passing of an era.

From San Francisco Symphony comes the news that Boulez conducted here once, in 1986, in their New & Unusual Music Festival at the Civic Auditorium. But he didn't conduct SFS! Instead, he conducted the Ensemble Intercontemporain, in his own Dialogue de l'ombre double and RĂ©pons.

SFS itself last performed a work by Boulez in 2003; it was Messagesquisse, with MTT conducting.

Here's a partial listing of obituaries and commentary about Boulez. 

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Henry Holland said...

I want to get that Boulez RvW recording!

Thanks for the link to the Rug Concert. Pretty safe repertoire there, apart from the Stockhausen of course.