Sunday, May 01, 2016

Production Error

Found in today's San Francisco Chronicle pink section on page 3:

Here is an enlargement of the critical section:

The program listed for May 12-14 is Pablo Heras-Casado's program from April 20, 22, 23 (Rameau, Haydn, Biber, Beethoven), although the Don Juan part in diaplay type on the left is correct for the dates on the right.

Here is the complete program for May 12-14.....some of which is list on a full-page ad on page 7 that has the conductor's name too:

Juraj Valcuha, conductor
Prokofiev, Suite from The Love for Three Oranges
R. Strauss, Don Juan
Webern, Im Sommerwind
R. Strauss, Suite from Der Rosenkavalier

I understand that my frequent calling-out of this kind of thing looks like unnecessary nitpicking to some of my readers. A production error such as this is expensive on its own - a display ad in the Chron's pink section can't be cheap, even with frequent-advertiser discounts. You don't want to waste the money! And it makes it that much harder for customers to buy tickets, because they don't have correct information about what is playing when. 

More personally, having an eye for a typo comes in handy when you find one in a letter your lawyer's office wrote and is about to mail out.

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