Sunday, August 07, 2016

Gay, Gay, Gay

You knew this was coming, right?
  • Harvey Milk, Wallace
  • Fellow Travelers, Spears
  • Patience and Sarah, Kimper
  • Lulu, Berg
  • Death in Venice, Britten
  • Der Rosenkavalier, Strauss
  • As One, Kamisky (because we are counting LGBTQI in all its expressions)
  • King Roger, Szymanowski (h/t mountmccabe for reminding me of this and the Charpentier)
  • David et Jonathas, Charpentier
  • Don Carlo(s), Verdi
  • Champion, Blanchard (h/t Tod Brody, who was ED of Opera Parallele when they staged it, for reminding me)
  • Brokeback Mountain, Wuorinen (h/t Mary Jane Leach for reminding me of this one)
  • Norma, Bellini (Face it - the best relationship in the opera is between Norma and Adalgisa. Somebody needs to write an alternate ending where the two of them burn Pollione)
  • La Gioconda, Ponchielli, because it is the campiest opera of them all.
General hat tip to Patrick Vaz, because we talked about this on the way back from Cabrillo last night.


Tod Brody said...

How about Blanchard's Champion, about the gay boxer Emile Griffith?

Loving the lists.


Lisa Hirsch said...

Right you are; I'm about to add it to the list. And thabk you!

mountmccabe said...

Libby Larsen - Mrs. Dalloway (I don't know this opera, but it fits here)
Michael Tippet - The Knot Garden

Given the looseness of the list, you could also include Dalibor, Krol Roger, Billy Budd, and David et Jonathas.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Slapping forehead - I meant to include both King Roger and David et Jonathas. Thanks!

Rick Robertson said...

Pearl Fishers? One of the best love duets in opera - and it's between the tenor and the baritone, basically singing bros before hoes.

Lisa Hirsch said...

It's a great duet, but not, I think, GAY GAY GAY in the way that the Don Carlos duet is.

kalimac said...

I thought the whole point of the Pearl Fishers duet was that they weren't gay. See what happens in the rest of the opera. If they were gay, they could have left that poor woman alone, and lots of tragic things would never have happened, and we wouldn't know about these guys because the opera would never have been written.

Bryan said...

Billy Budd?