Monday, August 15, 2016

Not a Minimalist Troyens

Graphic from Lyric Opera web site. I hope there will be a t-shirt.

Found on the Lyric Opera of Chicago web site, some statistics, which I quote directly:
  • More than 225 acclaimed singers, dancers. and musicians performing. 
  • Almost three years of design, development and construction of more than 80,000 pounds of scenery, hundreds of costumes, and countless wigs. 
  • An army of theater professionals and craftspeople working behind the scenes to coordinate more than 30 automation motors during more than 100 hours of technical rehearsals.
  • Running time of four hours and 55 minutes, with two intermissions, about the same time as last year's SF production, suggesting that any cuts are small.
It's the 80,000 pounds of scenery that really caught my eye: the set for the ROH / La Scala / SFO / Vienna production weighs only about 65,000 pounds. Of course, I think I forgot to ask what our steampunk, fire-breathing Trojan horse weighed.

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