Sunday, February 26, 2017

Six-Point White Type on Burgundy

Pro tip: if you want people to read the print on that CD by an interesting artist, do not do the following:

  • Print the interior type in approximately 6 or 7 point white type on a burgundy background
  • Print the middle cover, oh, 9 point spidery handwritten black on a mutli-colored background
  • Print the back-cover track listing in approximately 6 or 7 point white type on a background of several shades pink
I am going to send a polite email to the label requesting the text in black on white, 10 point, and pointing them to some accessibility guidelines.


Chuck said...

Thank you for speaking up! I'll be happier when Google's properties use less gray-on-white text, too.

Lisa Hirsch said...

HAhahah, SOB rolling my eyes, etc. over Google.

Michael Strickland said...

Most of the really good graphic artists I've worked with over the decades are borderline dyslexic, so they tend to look at text as just another visual element. For those of us who like to read, it's ridiculous, but then, most of us are not great designers. One of my jobs over the years has been bridging that divide, taking lovely designs and making them legible.

Lisa Hirsch said...

This is what editors are for, among other things. To say "it looks so fabulous, would you make it easier to read, please?"