Friday, September 08, 2017

....And This is Why SFO (or some other company) Needs to Put On a Trojan Wars Season

Renée Falconetti as Joan of Arc
in Carl Dreyer's The Passion of Joan

Odyssey Opera in Boston has a doozy of a season coming up: it is called Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War.

I guessed three of the five operas and have barely heard of the other two:

  • The Maid of Orleans, Tchaikovsky (really not a great piece, sorry)
  • Giovanna d'Arco, Verdi
  • Jeanne d'Arc au Bucher, Honegger
  • L'Assedio di Calais (The Siege of Calais), Donizetti
  • The Trial at Rouen, Dello Joio
A Trojan Wars season could be so great!


Alex Ross said...

Giovanna d'Arco isn't so hot either, to be honest. I saw the Werner Herzog production in Genoa. Yes, the Werner Herzog production in Genoa.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Werner Herzog! Wow. Too bad the opera isn't so good.

Still, there's a season and a half of worthy Trojan War operas begging to be staged together.