Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Greeks Had a Word for This

Christine Goerke (Elektra) and Adrianne Pieczonka (Chrysothemis)
Cory Weaver Photo / San Francisco Opera

Catharsis. And who couldn't use a little emotional release in these times?

If you haven't seen San Francisco Opera's Elektra -- or if you'd like to see it again -- do yourself a favor and pick up a ticket for the last performance of the run. It's tomorrow, Wednesday, September 27, 2017. I'm nudging everyone I know about this, because:

  • San Francisco Opera managed to go 20 years between productions of this great work, but...
  • ...assembled a cast the likes of which you will not see very often.  Joshua Kosman's Chron review is dead on about the glories of the singers in this production.
  • A good-looking production that will engage your heart and your head.
Opera doesn't get any better than this, so if you possibly can, find your way to 301 Van Ness Ave. tomorrow night.

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