Monday, September 18, 2017

Roles We'd Like to See Christine Goerke Sing in SF

Within the realm of possibility:
  • Kundry, Parsifal, because Matthew Shilvock has commented that we're due for a new production of the opera.
  • Ariadne, Ariadne auf Naxos. Because it has been a while.
  • Isolde, Tristan und Isolde, because the last time we had a Tristan here Goerke was singing Rosalinde in Die Fledermaus
  • Ellen Orford, Peter Grimes, because it's been a long time since SFO did any Britten, and Matthew Shilvock has mentioned him as one of the "20th c. classic composers" whom the company should present.
What I'd really like to hear: Isolde.

Really unlikely:
  • Ortrud, Lohengrin, because it's not that long since the last one.
  • Dyer's Wife, Die Frau ohne Schatten. Last seen in 1989, something of a cult opera, very very expensive to stage, with an Elektra-sized orchestra, an enormous cast that includes five principals, a host of small roles, a chorus, and crazy scenic demands.
  • Cassandre, Les Troyens, because we just had this; see also, expensive, very expensive.
  • Brünnhilde. Not happening, because it'll be Herlitzius next year and the next Ring production will be in ten years or something. You can see her in NY (next season, I believe) or Chicago (ongoing rollout with cycles in 2020, I think),
What I'd really like to hear: Dyer's Wife (even though I've heard her in this already).

Role I don't think is in her repertory, but it is the province of sopranos with great low registers and mezzos with great high registers; also, there is an emotional journey: Judit in Bluebeard's Castle, an opera SFO hasn't presented in fifty years.



Cameron Kelsall said...

Goerke sang Ellen Orford in the early days of her career. I heard a recording of a performance and surprisingly, it didn't seem an ideal fit.

Lisa Hirsch said...

She told me during our interview that it was conceived for a dramatic voice. Might work better now!

Darrick Chen said...

How about the Italian roles:

Lady MacBeth

I also think she would be great as Leonora (Fidelio). Part seems perfect for how her voice sits and it's German which seems a great fit for her voice.

I agree with you, she may be something to hear as Ellen Orford - a role mostly sung by lyrics. Might be eye opening. Hope we get her debut here in SF.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Ellen Orford and Fidelio are already both in her repertory. In Don Carlo, her role is Eboli, and I suspect it is a more interesting role for her than Elisabetta.

Gioconda maybe!