Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Andris Nelsons, Further to Previous

The BSO released an update from Andris Nelsons on the matter of sexual harassment in the classical music world.  It's unfortunately a jpg or something; I can't find the text on the BSO web site's press section, but I will transcribe it below.

You can pretty much tell which sentence come directly from Legal and/or Public Relations:
During a recent interview with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan on WGH's Boston Public Radio I did not express myself as clearly as I would have liked when asked about the issue of sexual harassment in the classical music world. In my own experience working in the classical music industry for many years, I myself have not seen overt examples of sexual misconduct in my day-to-day work life. That being said, this kind of offensive behavior, unfortunately, takes places in all fields, including, of course, the classical music industry. All of us in the field must remain constantly vigilant and fight against all types of inappropriate and hurtful behavior, and continue the essential work of creating a fair and safe work environment for all classical musicians. Though involvement in music and the arts can't cure all the ills of society, I do believe that the inspiration they provide has the potential to help us reflect at times on the better angels of our natures. Or more simply put by Beethoven -- the genius composer of the Ode to Joy symphony, considered the universal anthem of brotherly/sisterly love -- "Music can change the world."

I have to say, this is pretty awful. Fake Beethoven quote; "I've never seen it myself", which is so often a way to cast doubt on those who have, and which is most easily said by powerful men whom nobody IS going to harass, and nobody will harass another in front of; unwarranted belief in the inherent goodness of a musical style; citation of a work that has a wide variety of associations; "I didn't express myself as clearly as I would have liked." No, you didn't; it's pretty clear that you believed what you originally said and had to be talked down.

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