Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Be Prepared to Donate

I'm a resident of California and I've had the pink organ donor dot on my driver's license for many years. This morning, I went through the DMV's online donor registration process as well, to make sure there wouldn't be any misunderstandings if I die in circumstances that would make me eligible to be an organ donor.

That's because I read Terry Teachout's blog posts this morning. When I read the first, a book review, I thought, wow, that must have been intense for Terry to read. Then I got to his second post, a coming-out of sorts, and knew why he'd written the review.

I registered because something bad happening to me could mean something good for another person. I have friends whose lives were transformed by receiving a donated organ. If you're able to donate (many cannot, for reasons of age, illness, or faith), please register.

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