Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Something's Up at SFCM

I know this because I've gotten invitations to a press conference tomorrow, one that I can't attend, with hints of BIG NEWS TO COME. Originally, the Mayor of SF was going to attend, but now he will not. There will be other speakers, the press office has asked whether reporters are bringing photographers, etc.

There's just one hint in the email I received today:

We're about to redefine the musical life of the Civic Center.

No idea what's going on here, and I'd prefer not to speculate, but looking forward to the eventual press release about it!


Michael Strickland said...

I'm going to the presser, and was told the mayor would be there at "10:15 sharp," to which I replied that I had never seen the mayor of San Francisco show up on time for much of anything over the years, so I rather doubted it would be "10:15 sharp."

Lisa Hirsch said...

Today's invite said he wouldn't be there at all.