Tuesday, July 31, 2018

An Email Error You Don't Want to Make

I've gotten emails recently from two organizations that left me dismayed at the lack of thought that went into the email.

One is from an extremely famous contemporary music ensemble. Their name does not appear anywhere in the email. Oh, wait - actually, it's in 4 point type in the email footer,  next to their street address and below the email preferences and unsubscribe links. And if you're familiar with the group, you can probably guess from a couple of links in the body of the email which group it comes from.

The other came from an equally famous presenting organization. You have to open the email to see who it's from; nothing in the subject line or sender makes it clear.

Organizations, don't do this. The people you send email to should be able to tell from their inbox who the mail is from! You can't count on their knowing the name of the artistic director or director of marketing. PUT YOUR ORGANIZATION'S NAME IN THE FROM FIELD OR ON THE SUBJECT LINE. It's really not that hard.


Drew said...

I'm curious what the "from" email address was. Most reputable email marketing providers make it difficult to send email from domain names and/or From addresses that are not verified and connected to the account for the very reason that recipients can easily tell where it's from.

Lisa Hirsch said...

I will protect the guilty. It came from:

firstname.lastname@orgname via mail81.atl11.rsgsv.net