Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Elizabeth Rowe Sues the Boston Symphony

What's notable about this is that Elizabeth Rowe has been principal flute of the BSO since 2004, and she is suing over an alleged $70,000 pay disparity between her and the principal oboist, a man, who has been with the orchestra only three years longer.

If her allegations are correct, the pay disparity is outrageous. Everybody expects an orchestra's concertmaster to be the highest-paid individual player; my guess is that associate & assistant concertmasters are also paid well over scale. But a $70,000/year differential between principal woodwinds? No.

Also notable, Rowe tried to negotiate with the orchestra over this before going to court...and she filed on the day a new equal pay law took effect in Massachusetts.

The Boston Herald has the story; watch for it to spread like crazy. I would expect reportage from...the usual suspects.

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