Friday, March 11, 2011

Cancellations Everywhere

The news rolls in:

  • Valery Gergiev is out of tomorrow's Met performances of Boris, ordered not to travel by his doctors. He remains in St. Petersburg. 
  • Sir Colin Davis has withdrawn from performances at the BSO, owing to "ongoing health issues," which I am very sorry to hear about. He will be replaced by Johannes Debus and Stephane Deneve; Debus's program will be as originally scheduled, but Deneve's will change, with Roussel's Symphony No. 3 (now, that is a rarity!) and Ravel's La Valse replacing Sibelius's Third and Tapiola. Jonathan Biss will still appear in the Emperor Concerto.


Bruce Hodges said...

...and on topic, I just learned that Matthias Goerne will not be appearing in the Met's Wozzeck next month, apparently due to knee surgery. Alan Held will be returning in the title role. (Held is fantastic in this, but I was really looking forward to seeing Goerne's take.)

Lisa Hirsch said...

I <a href="'>blogged that one</a>, with regrets, a couple of days ago. Held is excellent, but, yeah, Goerne.

Bruce Hodges said...

Oops, missed that! :-((

Will make it up to you (maybe, unless you've seen it already) by posting link to this photo of Goerne in the ROH's production, from 2003:

Lisa Hirsch said...

He looks exactly as crazed as I thought he would.