Friday, March 11, 2011

Google's Japan Earthquake Person Finder

Google has put up a person-finder page for those looking for people or with knowledge of people's locations following the 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan last night. It is available in English and Japanese. All information posted is public and searchable.

If you know where someone is - including yourself - or you are looking for someone, post about it on the people finder.

3 comments: said...

I applaud Google for introducing this page. The damage and destruction from the earthquake looks massive, so it's understandable people are concerned about their loved ones.

Bruce Hodges said...

Lisa, thanks for posting this. I reposted it on Facebook, mentioned you and your blog. (Not to worry: I know you didn't do it for the PR, but thought you deserved some credit.)

Lisa Hirsch said...

Thanks, sportsfan - Google's had pages like this up for past disasters as well, the Haiti, Chile, and Christchurch earthquakes, among others.

Thanks, Bruce. :)