Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Over at San Francisco Classical Voice, Michael Zwiebach's article "The Top Ten Underrated Composers," a response to Anthony Tommasini's top ten composers project, has generated a nice comment thread. Take a look!


Joe Barron said...

Interesting concept, and I like his choices, except for Cowell, whom I find rather unsatisfying. Not dissatisfying. There's nothing wrong with his music, but he never incorporated any of those those little sonic experiments into a major musical or emotional statement.There are no masterpieces from Cowell, no breakthroughs like the Concord Sonata or the Rite of Spring. Nothing stands out, even relative to the rest of his own work.

That said, my nomination for No. 1 underrated composer is Carl Nielsen.

Lisa Hirsch said...

I bet Nielsen will be on his list. I'm with you on Nielsen being totally underrated!!