Thursday, January 30, 2014

London, Generally

I bought a plane ticket last night, so I must really be going to London. In addition to the five Birtwistle programs,  I plan to see Thebans at ENO, and I have a ticket to this slightly oddball program at the Southbank Centre:

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Gott! Welch dunkel hier! from Fidelio, Act 2
Luigi Dallapiccola: Il prigioniero - opera in 1 act
Ludwig Van Beethoven: Adagio molto e cantabile - Andante moderato (3rd movement) from Symphony No.9 (Choral)
Ludwig Van Beethoven: Presto - Allegro assai (4th movement) from Symphony No.9 (Choral)
No interval

Orchestra of Santa Cecilia
Antonio Pappano conductor
Anita Watson soprano
Veronica Simeoni mezzo-soprano
Stuart Skelton tenor
Louis Otey baritone
Chorus of Santa Cecilia
After missing Il Prigioniero at NYPO last year, I'm especially glad to catch it in London.
H/T Sarah Noble for pointing me to it; I had taken a glance at the Southbank Centre's godawful web site and managed to overlook it. Also, color me puzzled why the Barbican was able to print and mail the Birtwistle tickets to me but the Southbank Centre's ticketing system told me they couldn't send a ticket to my address in that obscure location, California, United States of America. The postage to mail a one-ounce item from London, UK to CA, US cannot be that ruinous.


Micaela said...

I think I'm going to be in London that week; hope to see you there!

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, that would be great! I arrive on the 16th and leave on the 31st, and will be most easily reachable by email, though I will have a UK phone number about ten minutes after I get off the plane and buy a SIM for my phone.

Micaela said...

I think work is putting me in Oxford for a few days around the 20th. I hope to spend a few days in London before or after that--will let you know.

Lisa Hirsch said...

I will await word from you!

Anonymous said...

If you don't have enough Birtwistle, I think there are some new songs at the Wigmore Hall on the 18th. It should be on the website on Tuesday.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Whoa, thank you! I might want a day off. :)