Friday, January 03, 2014

Safe Rolling & Falling Class

Not part of the course curriculum.

I'm planning to teach my safe rolling & falling class for non-martial artists again in 2014. 

This is a 10-week class, with each class lasting 90 minutes. I teach about a half-dozen basic rolls and falls from the Dan Zan Ryu jujitsu curriculum. They're the rolls and falls that are most likely to protect you from injury in cases of lost balance, trips, and falls. The cost is $200.

If you are interested in taking this class, please email me or post in the comments and let me know the following:

1. Time periods during the year when you can come to class for 10 consecutive weeks. I will not be able to schedule makeup classes, and (excepting the unforeseen) it's best to come to all of the classes.

2. Whether an evening or morning class is best for you.

3. Whether weekends or weekdays work for you. (Note: I can't do weekday mornings.)

If you know people who might be interested in such a class, please feel free to forward this URL to them.

(That's me in the black pants in the photo above. This fall is not part of the course curriculum, just an example of an application of safe rolling & falling.)


john_burke100 said...

I could manage a 10-week course in March-April or after July; weekday afternoons strongly preferred but Saturday afternoons possible. I'm interested because I fell and broke an arm bone almost four years ago and learned, after a bone density test, that I have osteoporosis--not unusual at my age (71) but it's left me very frightened of falling. I'd like to know how to fall more safely, but I wonder if the class itself might not be too risky in my condition. Lisa, any thoughts? Thanks.

Lisa Hirsch said...


Here's a video (not of me - I should make one!) showing some of the rolls and falls I teach in this class. Of the rolls & falls shown, I'll be teaching forward roll, rolling flat fall, face fall (but from a lower position), and back roll. I'll be teaching a couple of others he doesn't demonstrate as well.

Take a look, then perhaps ask your doctor. I will not that the only broken bone I know of from doing rolls & falls is someone who broke a toe doing the "handstand fall" from a headstand.