Thursday, January 30, 2014

London & SF, Not so Far Apart

Boulezian gives a great review to ENO's Peter Grimes. Note the cast:

Peter Grimes – Stuart Skelton
Ellen Oford – Elza van den Heever
Captain Balstrode – Iain Paterson
Auntie – Rebecca de Pont Davies
First Niece – Rhian Lois
Second Niece – Mary Bevan
Bob Boles – Michael Colvin
Swallow – Matthew Best
Mrs Sedley – Felicity Palmer
Revd Horace Adams – Timothy Robinson
Ned Keene – Leigh Melrose
Hobson – Matthew Treviño
John – Timothy Kirrage
Dr Crabbe – Ben Craze

SFS's semi-staged performances of Grimes star Stuart Skelton and Elza van den Heever and a distinguished cast in the other roles as well. Get yer tickets while you can. (There may still be some discount tickets left; see a previous posting for the link.)

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