Saturday, April 25, 2009


Based on the splendid Norn scene, I was going to assert that James Levine had gotten over whatever put him to sleep during Die Walkuere two weeks ago, but he just got to "Zu neuen Taten" and seems to be dozing a bit again. I think it must sound fantastic in the house, though. The orchestra is just gorgeous, and Irene TheorinKatarina Dalayman,* yum. Christian Franz, eh. 
Whatever, if you're looking for a station, try OperaCast's Met Broadcasts page. The highest-bit-rate stream available seems to be Bartok Radio, so my stream is Hungarian.

*Note to self: check the cast page before posting.


Anonymous said...

Do YOU actually think you're funny?

Lisa Hirsch said...

Why do you care?

sfmike said...

How does one say funny in Hungarian? My favorite internet radio station is Bartok Radio, and I also listen to the Met broadcasts through them. I absolutely love the station and pretend I'm hanging out in Budapest while listening.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Bartok Radio is one of my two favorites; the other is Cesky Rozhlas out of Prague!