Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Cabrillo's 2009 schedule is out. Here's a list of the composers being performed:  Enrico Chapela,   Brett Dean, Avner Dorman, Osvaldo Golijov, David Heath, Matthew Hindson, Lee Johnson, Ingram Marshall, Kevin Puts, Joby Talbot, Magnus Lindberg, James MacMillan, Aaron Jay Kernis, and George Tsontakis. Oh, well! No music by women worth performing this year, I guess.


Henry Holland said...

Hey, the festival website shows a woman conducting when it loads, what more do you want?

/obvious sarcasm

Lisa Hirsch said...

There are TWO women conducting there this year! It's not just Marin!

Daniel Wolf said...

And once again west coast and experimental composers are kept away from an orchestral opportunity.

Lou Harrison would not be happy.

Lisa Hirsch said...

That is also an excellent point.