Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Despite the amount of money I spent on tickets, and despite my being a subscriber with all the benefits, San Francisco Symphony's web site does not currently consider me a subscriber, because I have a roll-your-own instead of one of the official series:

It'll be a few months before compose-your-own will be available, so this is fine. I presume it means that any subscriber I bought now would be considered new, so I would be in line after people renewing official subscriptions. It would be nice to know how those are prioritized: if I were to sign up for a new 15-program subscription, would I get lower priority than someone renewing a 6-program sub?

Oh, the season. I'll have more to say later or tomorrow. Briefly, it's far better than the season before the current season, and there are more than a few interesting programs and/or conductors & performers, so I'm happy enough.

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