Thursday, March 22, 2012


San Francisco Opera sold something like 98% of its tickets for the 2011 Ring cycles on subscriptions. The Met, apparently not:

I took a look around, and a shocking number of seats - not cheap seats - are still available.


Henry Holland said...

What are they going to do once the production is done with this run and any others previously announced? It reminds of Los Angeles Opera, they can't really revive the Freyer Ring any time soon and nobody else wants it (that I know of), is the Met going to junk this production and do a whole new one later?

Anonymous said...

However, Freyer is in process of putting on a new Ring in Mannheim -- Rheingold has already shown, with the others coming during the next months. Here is a link to some pictures -- you can see that the general character is the same as in LA, although all the details are different:

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, wow!!